Saturday, April 28, 2012


The benefits of coconut water are perfect after my staple fitness routines of yoga and walk/run sessions, to avoid dehydration. 
To stay flexible, I occasionally still perform a few capoeira moves, and I love to dance by myself to music on the radio.
Nooo… I don’t sweat like football quarterback Ryan Tannehill during a workout.  I still make it a point, though, to stay hydrated with coconut water to avoid becoming even mildly dehydrated.
THREE Perks of Coconut Water hydration:
1.  Coconut water is dye-free.  There are NO artificial yellow, green, blue or red dyes that my digestive system and liver have to struggle to eliminate.
This is a huge hidden plus about coconut water.
Strong food dyes seriously diminish my feelings of well-being.
2.  Coco water is a workout for my savory taste buds.  I need water with electrolytes not more sugar to stay hydrated.
Even small losses of potassium, magnesium, chloride and bicarbonate salts can cause mental and physical torpidity, sluggishness or lethargy. 
There’s no added sugar or sweeteners in plain coconut water. 
3. Unflavored coconut water is still the best. My gut, pancreas, and liver don’t have to deal with derived flavorings.
 I eat a slice of mango or watermelon and guzzle (don’t sip) plain coconut water. Adding a lime slice to coconut water has a historical culinary tradition, worldwide. So I do that sometimes.
Flavored coconut water brands cost a little more too.  
Mild dehydration is more serious as you age. A shot glass of coconut water with electrolytes is the perfect, simple solution to prevent this condition. 

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