Thursday, June 27, 2013

Everybody Likes Coconut

Even doggies like coconut... see here:

This is sort of relaxing to watch, isn't it?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Taste-Test Infuser Mango Coconut Water

Mango coconut water homemade with an infuser

Ok, here are the results of my second try with the fruit infuser-this time with mangoes and coconut water.  After 4 hours, I got  a rich mango liqueur-like flavored beverage with very little coconut water taste.
 It’s so syrupy and fruity sweet, I only imbibe a little at a time.

Fruit Infuser Recipe

For this taste test, I filled the infuser core with 3 sliced mangoes plus the pits (to extract all the flavor) and a short stalk of spearmint leaves. Then I filled the pitcher with 2-one liter containers of coconut water. Next, I placed the pitcher in the refrigerator for the fruit and herb flavors to infuse into the coconut water.

A Coconut Cocktail Of Flavors

What I got is a flavored drink so heavenly sweet  with the essence of mango, I wondered  if I should I add it to  a shot of rum or vodka for a cocktail.
Wait a minute!  That should be an oxymoron: coconut water and vodka? Hmmm….

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Taste-Test Of Fruit Infuser Lemon Water

The lemon drink I made with my new fruit infuser pitcher has a liqueur-like refreshing flavor. The infuser pleasantly flavored the water: The lemon drink was not tart or sour like lemonade made with juiced lemons. My next homemade beverage try will be coconut water flavored with fresh mangoes.

Lemon Water Fruit Infuser Recipe

For the lemon beverage I added a couple of chopped spearmint leaves in the pitcher’s core along with sliced lemons. First, I washed the lemons to remove any petroleum-based coating. Next, I added ¾ cup of sugar to 4 cups of water in the pitcher. 
Then, I put the jug in the refrigerator and let it sit overnight while the fruit and herb flavors were infused into the water.

The result was exotically flavored water, slightly sweet with the very refreshing taste of lemons.

No More Wasted Fruit – More Flavors To Be Made

I’m in nooooo hurry to make the mango coconut water. I can wait until we finish-up the lemon water. The fruit infuser pitcher makes a huge, tasty difference.
The $30 I paid for the fruit infuser will be paid back numerous times. Hopefully, I will be able to reduce wasted fruit and money with my new infuser. 

I always have oranges on hand.  And, usually, I have about ½ a watermelon left-over. I also always have more than enough granny smith apples in my refrigerator’s crisper.  
 But next, I’ll slice up those mangoes.  For once, I hope to be able to get out ALL of the sweetness trapped around the mango pits.  I hope that my homemade mango coconut water will be tasty. I’ll keep you posted.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Get Sexy Puffy Lips With Coconut

Use coconut water plus coconut oil to get lush, fleshy lips for this summer. Your lips will look realistically larger but not like clown lips from bad plastic surgery.

Here’s how to get better looking lips for this summer:
First, drink coconut water throughout the day to stay hydrated and to avoid shrived-up lips.  “Shrived” is not sexy.

When you are fully hydrated, tissues like lips actually puff-out. The effect is more obvious when you drink coconut water, in my opinion.
Next, seal-out the drying effects of summer sun and hot winds with a little dab of coconut oil, especially around the edges.
Then use a little coconut oil under shimmery summer colored lipsticks and glosses to avoid the irritating and drying effects of mica and other makeup ingredients.

Lastly, moisturize your lips at bedtime with coconut oil for smooth lips the next morning. Use plain extra virgin organic coconut oil. Or use a dedicated lip product that's formulated with coconut oil.

Coconut’s benefits give big lip cosmetic effects that are dramatically natural-looking and very sexy.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coconut For Less Watering Of Your Garden

If my watering can will only hold enough to water, say, 5 pots in my container garden, I CANNOT have more than 5 pots.  Whether I have bigger or smaller containers, they all have to be watered with only 1 trip with the water bucket. That’s my firm rule for container gardening.  I hope that I can bend my rule with promising new soil blends that have coconut coir mixed-in to hold more moisture.

Let’s face it, watering pots is the bane of maintaining a beautiful and bountiful container garden. 
There’s never enough rain.  The grass sprinkler is overkill and damages leaves. If the temperature spikes above 90 degrees, I wind-up having to water the pots 2 or 3 times a day.

I do all this to keep the basil, plus my other potted herbs, vegetables and flowers from wilting on summer’s scorching days.  Hopefully, soil blends with coconut coir will keep me from having to tote so much water.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Get Sexy Pretty Feet This Summer With Coconut Oil

Don’t cover-up your feet with tennis shoes in hot weather.  Coconut oil makes it easy to showcase sexy toes in golden sandals for summer.
Coconut oil makes it easy to keep your feet looking sexy pretty  without using drying soap or odor-causing moisturizers that contain petroleum products:
Here’s my coconut oil summer foot care pedicure ritual:
  • Deep cleanse your feet with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil plus 2 drops of squeezed lime juice. Massage the mixture all over your feet.
  • Then soak  your feet in a footbath that contains a tablespoon of bath salts or baking soda. Do not add soap.
  • Remove calluses with a natural pumice rock
  • Soak feet again in the footbath
  • Rinse feet
  • Next, massage each foot with plain coconut oil and a drop of spearmint essential oil (no lime).
  • Lastly, spritz your feet with a lightweight moisturizer that contains caprylic/capric triglyceride, a coconut oil derivative.  This last important step helps to maintain a natural sheen on your feet’s skin. This ultra moisturizing derivative really helps to prevent dry flaking skin and calluses from forming.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coco Water Now In Rural Schools' Vending Machines

Fresh Healthy Vending Coconut Water
Wade Bergner at a Wis. High School (Photo courtesy Fresh Healthy Vending)

Coconut water is now available to fitness conscious teen-agers at Chippewa Falls High School in rural northwest Wisconsin.  One Coconut Water brand is stocked in the school’s vending machines, thanks to Principal Becki Davis who accepted an offer from Fresh Healthy Vending to place machines in her school.

Protein shakes and other healthy snack and beverages  are also stocked in the machines.

There are no health food stores in the small town of Chippewa. Davis said the students were excited to have healthy snacks and beverages available.

 Wade Bergner, a local triathlete made it  his mission to supply healthful snacks to Wisconsin school students via the vending machines.

When Fresh Healthy Vending contacted Davis, she said she thought to herself ‘there’s no good reasons NOT to try this’.  She found that many of her students were already familiar with the health benefits of coconut water.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jewel Expands Selection of Coconut Products

Happy about something new in the beverage section

Chicagoland’s Jewel-Osco grocery store company now sells 2 major brands of coconut water in the beverage section. The brands were on shelves in May 2013, down the aisle from bottles of mineral water in my local store. 

Previously, Jewel only sold coconut juice in the ethnic section.
Several years ago, Jewel was one of the first mainstream grocery stores to sell coconut milk.  The stores also have a large selection of cooking oils, but still do not sell any coconut oil brands at my neighborhood store.
But now, millions more people in the metro area will have ready access to popular coconut water brands.

Get Coconut Oil Protection On Low UV Level Days

Chicago's Trump Tower Exterior Skin
Chicago's Trump Tower reflects a cloudy sky

Here in Chicago, most days are not sunny, even during the summer.  Why that is, especially these last few years, I don’t know.  But to maintain an even skin tone, I use sunscreen regardless of the UV level.  Most days it’s not high, so I use coconut oil for sunscreen.

Coconut oil is rated SPF 6 and it’s perfect for days when there’s not much sunshine and the UV levels are low.  I can get a mottled, uneven look to my skin even on cloudy days.

But my skin doesn’t get burned from the sun. So it doesn’t make sense to use a sun product with a high rating, say, SPF 50.

Coconut oil is one more weapon in my sun protection arsenal. Coconut oil provides adequate protection for my skin on days with low UV levels.

 Coconut oil is the perfect skincare product to keep my skin glowing and very even-looking without using overpowering chemicals every single day.