Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Getting coconut water benefits has never been easier. It’s now sold at Walgreens!
That would be ‘local’, ‘nearby’, and ‘within walking distance!’
 I was just reaching for plain bottled water when I saw the coconut water out the corner of my eye. I was shocked, amazed and so happy.
I purchased the chilled container of  Vitacoco less than a mile from my home in zip code 60628.  I normally have to drive more than 10 miles from my home to buy coconut water in bulk at either health food stores or organic grocers.

Now if I am out and about I can just stop nearby to get a chilled container to chug immediately instead of waiting until I get home.  There seems to be a Walgreens on nearly every major street intersection  in Chicago.

 And in the car or walking, nothing beats the convenience of Vitacoco’s fully reclosable container.
There were 3 varieties of Vitacoco 17.0 containers in the refrigerated case, one plain coconut water and 2 fruit flavors selling for $2.79 on the southside of Chicago.
Thankfully, the health benefits of coconut water have just been made locally available to many millions more  people who do not live in tropical latitudes.

Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

Monday, July 30, 2012


Brazilian coconut water is good for you but Brazilian corsets really make you LOOK good.
The corsets or waist cinchers are one of my favorite imports from the land of look good a lot.  Leave it to the Brazilians to come up with a design that feels good and really makes me look good in my clothes.
After I got the size that was right FOR ME, I feel that it really shrinks my midsection.  I don’t just wear the corset under evening wear for special occasions which is the original reason I bought it, I wear it under regular clothes a couple of times a week.


I don’t have to wear the corset every day, because the shrinking effect seems to last 2 or 3 days.
I don’t believe that the corset has weight loss capabilities. Instead I think that the corset just gives me great posture and literally pushes my midsection back in place instead of letting it hang down and out.
Sorry, no, I don’t wear this lingerie over my clothes like Rihanna and some other celebrities.


There is a buyer-beware caveat I want to mention if you are in the market for a corset.  DO NOT GET STUCK WITH OLD INVENTORY THAT’S TOO SMALL.
Buy your true size and even go up 1 size for everyday wear.  Go down to a smaller size when you see that your stomach area is melting only if you are comfortable because the corset can be harmfully constricting.
The waist cincher is made with rubber AKA latex.  I thought that might be a problem for my skin but I haven’t had any sort of allergic reaction. 


The corset can be slightly sweaty if you wear it in hot weather outside walking for exercise like I do.  Usually it’s very comfortable and non-chafing unlike some other brands on the market.
To wash the rubber corset, I just wipe it down with plain soap and rinse well with water and hang to dry.
If I do get sweaty at the end of the day, I wipe my midsection down with coconut oil and then shower as usual.


Coconut water is not the only good thing from Brazil, the rubber corsets gave me a positive image of how I look in my clothes.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Here are 5 quick ways to use coconut oil with perfume:

  1. One or 2 drops of coconut oil will enable perfume to last longer on dry skin without affecting the perfume’s fragrance.  Massage the oil into your wrists then spritz your perfume.  One drop of oil is usually enough.
  2. Two or 3 drops of coconut oil will soften a perfume aroma that’s just too strong.
  3. Three or 4 drops of coconut oil will dilute an over sprayed perfume.
  4. Add perfume to ¼ to ½ a cup of coconut oil in a small Egyptian bottle to make a DIY long lasting perfume oil. Spritz the bottle’s glass dabber with pure parfum then insert the dabber into the bottle of oil.  Gently shake the mixture before dabbing onto your pulse points.
  5. Use 2 teaspoons of coconut oil to cleanse away bad smelling perfume, even overpowering white musk fragrances.  Wipe the area with the oil on a cotton ball then cleanse again with soap and water.


There are 2 reasons why I use softly scented coconut oil  with perfume instead of other aromatherapy carrier oils like sweet almond oil, apricot seed oil or olive oil:
  • Some carrier oils have minute amounts of naturally occurring harmful substances.
  • Other carrier oils have their own strong aromas which would affect the fragrance.
I still use these oils for aromatherapy and massage, I just do not use them with perfume.
Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

Monday, July 23, 2012


Today Dr. Oz on his TV show introduced a DIY flavored coconut oil massage recipe to destress at bedtime.


  • Place the orange slice in the bottle of coconut oil several hours before bedtime.
  • At bedtime, put a few drops of the oil on your fingertips.
  • Massage the orange flavored oil into the temples.


The beauty of Dr. Oz’s aromatherapy massage oil recipe is the combination of the sweet orange aroma with the deeply relaxing scent of coconut. Instead of just using orange flavored oil at the beach (many tanning products have slight orange aromas), Dr. Oz uses it in the bedroom.
Sharp-smelling lime used in typical coconut oil skin preparations tends to be arousing.


In future reports, I will give my test results on the capability of Dr. Oz’s orange flavored coconut oil to minimize stress and help me to relax at bedtime. 

Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO  is the new name for COCO MOJO. My blog is about coconut, the seed of the Cocos nucifera palm tree. This change is effective July 18, 2012.
 My blog subject was never chocolate. I love chocolate, especially chocolate-covered coconut candy bars and chocolate frosting on coconut-filled cakes.  But after all these years, I realized that it was the coconut I was craving. So I started my coconut blog to share the blessings.
 In case you are wondering: coconut and chocolate are not related plant species.
Coconut is an old world palm plant species, Cocos nucifera.
Chocolate, Theobroma cacao, is a Western Hemisphere plant originating in Central America. It is not from the palm family of plants.
This new title, THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO, hopefully makes it clear that my blog subjects are, and always have been, coconut and the benefits it provides to all of our lives.

Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

Monday, July 16, 2012


Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder review

Bronze Goddess is innocently captivating with an unique blend that somehow softens some of the most intense and hard to handle fragrances notes.
It’s an intoxicating blend good for the beach, office and evening wear.  It does not compete with hot weather and is not overpowering.
Bronze Goddess captures the scents that I have noticed on women from the South Pacific, India and the Philippines only Estee Lauder has smoothed the hard edges of traditional fragrance oils.


The Estee Lauder website describes the fragrance as: “A sensuous, sun-drenched blend of Bergamot and Mandarin, cooled with Tahitian Gardenia Petals and Coconut …with Amber, Sandalwood and Vetiver”
The coconut tempers the gardenia’s heat and the gardenia seems to fix the coconut aroma.
My overall impression is the scent of coconut and fruit as in a tropical cocktail not sunscreen.
The long lasting scent is nubile smelling and makes me feel like I don’t know that I have that “IT” factor.


The fragrance’s square bottle is cleverly designed with bronze tempered glass textured like golden sand. It invokes the image of high noon at the beach.
Coordinating bronzer powders and self-tanning cream are also available.


Bronze Goddess is an Estee Lauder Limited edition fragrance only available for purchase during the summer. The product is available as eau fraiche/skinscent (cologne) for 1.40 oz online or in premier department stores for appr. $57.00. 

Hilary Rhoda is one major fashion model who represents Bronze Goddess.  Elizabeth Hurley represents other Estee Lauder brands.

Note: there is a new version available: Capri which is described as citrusy.

Miami Glow by J Lo REVIEW

This scent has a powdery, understated, persistent presence with strong citrus notes and soft florals. 
Miami Glow is a soft but industrial smelling blend that is too dramatic for a summer day and too overpowering during a heat wave. There’s that pop of citrus upon the initial spritz but that stops smelling refreshing after a few moments. The resulting bitter, unpalatable citrus fragrance note drowns out the other notes except for a very light hint of rose.


The press release for Miami Glow described it as a “tropical cocktail full… of lush fruits, fresh flowers and sun-backed sand.”
It might possibly be satisfactory as an evening scent or as a non-floral change of pace.
Don’t let the internet reviews fool you:  There is no discernible coconut flavor in Miami Glow. And, I have been testing this fragrance, off and on now for months.


The bottle itself is notable for its “coke bottle” shape.  There are men who are not familiar with the term “hourglass figure”.  They do, however, know what it means when a woman is described as having a coke bottle shape.  Ms. J. Lo knows how to tend to her business.


The fragrance is available as 1.0 oz. Eau de Toilette, available online, at drug stores and discount stores.  Prices range from $29.00 to $41.00

Pat Thomas for COCO MOJO until next time…

Bronze Goddess is available as a “eau fraiche skinscent” (cologne) 1.4 oz. for $57 sold online and in premier department stores.

In a department store, the bottle may not be displayed on the counter so you may have to ask for it.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Check out Shutterbean.com’s Pina Colada Ice Pops made with Coconut Milk. Another yummy one from Shutterbean!
Pat Thomas for COCO MOJO until next time…

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I won’t be posting any “before” pictures, but after years of not using sunscreen, I now have achieved a more even colored skin tone with fewer spots and discolored areas.
I use coconut oil for sunscreen and commercial sunscreen products with low SPF ratings.  
 I also make an effort to avoid foods and vices I know are bad for my skin.
  • I’m a recovering chocaholic. Chocolate is so sumptuous but after eating it for years I just realized that it makes my skin extremely flaky almost like sand paper. 
  •  I know the warnings about smoking.
  • Soda pop especially colas enlarge my pores, so instead I drink more coconut water. Weight loss is important because gaining pounds from sugar and sweeteners may contribute to skin tags according to my physician.
  •  I only have an alcoholic drink once a month.
  • Heavy, meaty meals blot my body and my face. 
OK I’m a bad girl.  So now I use some form of sun protection daily.
I believe that I get better skin tone by using coconut oil for sunscreen.
Pat Thomas for Coco Mojo until next time…

Monday, July 2, 2012


Maintaining good skin tone  and color is sometimes harder than losing weight.  Coconut oil can help. Blotchy skin, dark spots or skin with the texture of sandpaper are the signs of sun damage on the skin of women of color.   Coconut oil's natural sunscreen properties protect skin. 
Protecting your skin's  sun drenched tone and color  is the best anti-aging strategy you can follow because even-colored skin tone  is sexy and youthful.
This is key regardless of the actual color of your skin, regardless if you have creases and regardless of your ageWrinkles may be the least of your worries. Some German researchers conducted a study of what observers actually  considered attractive and youthful:  Even-toned skin color won!


  • You cake-on foundation  and an oil slick slides off  your face in a heat wave.
  • You  use a powder, but it’s touch-and-go to get realistic coverage that is not ashy looking.
  • Or, you slap on skin bleach or a whitener.  In a word, they are “DANGEROUS” not only for your skin but they will seriously damage your internal organs like your liver or kidneys.  I no longer use them at all.
 It’s never too late to upgrade and still have delicious looking, sun painted skin color. For me, the best way to keep even skin tone is to use sun protection creams or sunscreens.
So here are my sunscreen rituals to keep an even, radiant skin tone.


  1. I use only low SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreens to avoid losing my body’s ability to produce Vitamin D hormones from sunlight.
  2. Naturally clear coconut oil is about a SPF 6, great for hot, partly cloudy days when I won’t spend more than a few minutes an hour outside.  I simply mix coconut oil with a few drops of water (no lime) for easy application.  Coconut oil’s low SPF is great for your off days.
  3. Clear sunscreen sprays with SPF rating between 6 and 15 are easy to apply.  Non-oily looking products are available at drugstores everywhere.
  4. Sunscreen products rated from SPF 15 to 30, that shield out broad-spectrum ultraviolet sunlight waves, are serious products that could diminish your skin's ability to produce Vitamin D hormones. However, they provide powerful protection from the sun.  I only occasionally and rarely use them when I am going to spend all day at a shade-less summer festival or beach. Test brands at department store beauty counters to eliminate products with whiteners just like you would test foundation colors.
  5. Foundations formulated with sunscreens and better color tints are getting easier to find. Test, test, test the look! Remember, they all seem to detract from sexy radiant and radiating skin color even if artfully applied.
  6. Big brim hats  and clothes that cover exposed skin are truly the most sensible solutions if you are going to be in the sun all day.  Or, try that hot new trend (really old school) of using an umbrella  on a sunny day during a heat wave.  Just perform your activities after you apply coconut oil for the light SPF benefits.
Pat Thomas for Coco Mojo until next time…