Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Getting coconut water benefits has never been easier. It’s now sold at Walgreens!
That would be ‘local’, ‘nearby’, and ‘within walking distance!’
 I was just reaching for plain bottled water when I saw the coconut water out the corner of my eye. I was shocked, amazed and so happy.
I purchased the chilled container of  Vitacoco less than a mile from my home in zip code 60628.  I normally have to drive more than 10 miles from my home to buy coconut water in bulk at either health food stores or organic grocers.

Now if I am out and about I can just stop nearby to get a chilled container to chug immediately instead of waiting until I get home.  There seems to be a Walgreens on nearly every major street intersection  in Chicago.

 And in the car or walking, nothing beats the convenience of Vitacoco’s fully reclosable container.
There were 3 varieties of Vitacoco 17.0 containers in the refrigerated case, one plain coconut water and 2 fruit flavors selling for $2.79 on the southside of Chicago.
Thankfully, the health benefits of coconut water have just been made locally available to many millions more  people who do not live in tropical latitudes.

Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

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