Monday, August 6, 2012


I am almost positive that troubles for Michael Jackson’s mom Katherine Jackson momentarily melted away if she got a coconut oil massage at the exclusive desert spa she recently secreted away to.
But with my family obligations a spa vacation is out of the question right now. And let’s not talk about how much money a luxurious spa has got to cost:  I don’t have the dough.
When I was younger I always invested in monthly treatments at a day spa or a beauty school.  Now I feel that I need weekly treatments of some kind just for stress relief.
I am going to make lemonade out this situation by improving my in-home spa treatments over the next few years.

HOME SPA plans

  1. Buy a massage chair
  2. Invite in a masseuse for home massages especially foot massages
  3. Buy a professional stand hair dryer with steam and other salon options
  4. Buy an upscale salon mirror, station and chair.
  5. Fit-in a shampoo chair and bowl
  6. Look for a professional hairstylist to do my hair at my house
  7. Buy bigger containers of coconut oil for massage and hair treatments
  8. Use a cosmetician for professional facials at home
  9. Invest in a skincare steamer
  10. Buy bigger bottles of essential oils for aromatherapy.
My thinking is that dedicated spa equipment and supplies will almost force me to cook up some pampering for myself regularly and not just when I go on an occasional excursion.
Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

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