Monday, May 27, 2013

Switch-up To Coconut Butter Biscuits

Last Sunday morning, I woke-up with a burning desire for Edna Lewis’ biscuits from her chef’s book In Pursuit of Flavor. But I didn’t feel like converting the restaurant quantities in Ms. Lewis’ book to a serving for 2.  So, I made my ordinary biscuit recipe with a new twist: I substituted coconut butter for dairy butter.

How Coconut Butter Biscuits Taste

Yum , Yum and Yummy are the only words I need to describe the flavor of the coconut butter biscuits. They were delicately sweet with a slight nutty savor.
They seemed to take a little longer to brown. The color was a toasted yelllow.  And, the texture was about the same but I wondered if I should have used a tad bit less of the coco butter. Other than that, they tasted awesome. 
Coconut butter is the way to go for biscuits.

What is Coconut Butter?

Coconut butter is basically pureed fresh coconut meat. Don’t confuse the nut butter with coconut oil which is extracted from dried coconuts.  They are 2 different coconut products that serve different cooking purposes.
Coconut butter can be eaten fresh from the jar. It’s just that good!  I also use it on toast or slathered on top of cookies. I’ve taste-tested two different brands. Some brands have a little bit of added coconut oil to make the  butter to easier to get out of the jar.

Eat Homemade Biscuits And Taste Healthy Flavor

My biscuits baked-up up great. They tasted great and they tasted healthy.
Frankly, these last few years I’d been a little lazy when it comes to making homemade biscuits.  It just seemed like too much trouble in the morning.
 I had even thought about buying canned biscuits until I saw that they contain 36% sodium.  That was a definite ‘no go’ and I put the can right back down in the store’s refrigerated case.
The same goes for the biscuits that come with fast-food fried chicken. They taste like they’re made with 50% salt. They never taste healthy or flavorful, they just taste like salt.

Coconut Butter Is A New Flavor Sensation

Try substituting coconut butter in your own biscuit recipe or use the instructions on the back of the baking powder can. You’ll never miss the dairy butter or salt. Homemade biscuits that have coconut butter’s flavor are just that good!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Coconut Oil Deodorant From BASF

Now he knows he needs a Deodorant!

Just in time for summer's hot days, Freshaxyl  natural deodorant has arrived on the scene to fight underarm funk.  Freshaxyl deodorant is formulated with glyceryl laurate which is a coconut oil derivative.

The personal care product is made by Care Creations which is part of BASF.  Germany-based BASF has joined the growing list of major corporations that are turning to coconut oil as an active ingredient to control underarm odors.

Freshaxyl also contains Moringa to “ help capture odors” according to BASF. This tree is native to India and has many botanical and food uses according to a Purdue University Report-Moringa oleifera.

Glyceryl laurate is also a basic ingredient in Tom’s of Maine natural deodorants. Tom’s uses commonly recognized botanical herbs for odor control, like lemongrass. Tom's of Maine is now owned by Colgate-Palmolive.

Glyceryl laurate has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity according to a National Institute of Health Report: link NIH Glyceryl laurate. Coconut oil and human breast milk are the only known sources of glyceryl laurate.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Get Better Looking Hanging Plants with Coconut

Colorful hanging baskets signal the start to  summer gardening here in Chicago.  Coconut coir fiber hanging basket designs look more naturalistic than  plastic pots.

Coconut husks with coir

Coir fiber baskets are also much lighter than clay pots.

Garden centers sell coir baskets pre-made or the coconut coir fiber by the yard to use in your own wood baskets.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Coconut Oil Minimizes Strong Heavy Perfumes

Yesterday I put on my favorite magic perfume to go meet “Mr. Right”. But I put on a tad too much of the magic perfume that unfortunately has an unusual fragrance note… vomit! I can’t stand smelling it myself, so I smoothed some coconut oil over my wrists to minimize the scent.

It worked!  I could barely detect the peppery vomit scent. I don’t like it but many men do, especially the right men… those who are highly educated and wealthy. These types of men frequently make positive comments about the perfume.

Most times I only wear the magic perfume on my ankles.  But I decided to put it on my wrists for the meeting with this particular “Mr. Right”.  I could barely stand smelling it!

This luxury designer perfume’s note is not ambergris, that delicious whale vomit note.  It’s some other organic smell that I  detected in certain perfumes when I was a little girl,  before the era of synthetic fragrances. The aromatherapist in me has been meaning to research the note.

Did I mention that I can't stand that perfume and that I only wear it on rare occasions?

In any case, the coconut oil toned-down the strong scent so I wouldn’t be overpowered with my own fragrance on a hot spring day.  And how did the meeting with “Mr. Right” turn-out?  My doctor visit was fine, all’s OK.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Get Rid Of Sweaty Sensations With Coconut Water!

There's a remedy for when you wake-up feeling like you slept here.

Hot Dog! I woke-up sooo...  sweaty this morning – like I slept in a steam room. But I wasn’t even that hot.  I was just sweaty-especially my scalp, neck and chest.  I got up and went straight to the refrigerator, poured a shot glass of coconut water and gulped it down. Instant relief!
I got rid of that irritating sweaty sensation along with the damp messiness.

I think that all the soda and sugary desserts I had yesterday at a family get-together overloaded my body.  Add to that,  I just started a new vitamin supplement.

Coconut water seems to work faster than drinking plain water or wiping down my face with a cool towel. Odd as it seems,  chilled coconut water actually feels colder than chilled mineral water!

Just like auto coolant works on car engines, coconut water chills, refreshes and balances my body.

What's every better  is toweling-off with a cloth that dampened with coconut water.  That's a beauty ritual that women perform in many cultures,  like Brazil for one.
Try gulping chilled coconut water when you need to get rid of sweatiness and quickly replace any lost electrolytes like potassium and sodium.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Make Your Own Music With A Coconut Thumb Piano

Here’s another way to relax with coconut: play a coconut thumb piano musical instrument.  The sound is very soothing. Strumming the piano's tines creates  an on-demand wind chime musical sound. It’s so easy to make your own music.  Listen to the beautiful sounds in this video clip.

To me, the melodious tones are more pleasing and wind chime-like when I play slowly. I just tick the tines randomly and the chimes rise through the air. Of course, you can also play songs. Disclosure-I am not a musician.
Coconut thumb pianos and the related kalimba instruments originated in Africa.  Try one and be amazed that you can play your very own harmonious African rhythms.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Get Stroked With Coconut Oil While On Vacation

Check into the spa room
Just the other day I was talking to a family friend about her recent trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas.  That’s one of those spa vacation spots I plan to go to before I check out for good.  But for now I'll settle for a spa room at any hotel I stay at on vacation so I can get a coconut oil massage.

Coconut oil is probably the most popular carrier oil for a body massage. But many masseurs prefer other oils like sweet almond or apricot oil.  Be sure to ask for a coconut oil rubdown, however, because its aroma is just so much more relaxing than other oils.

So if you are planning an action-packed vacation with the family this summer, be sure to put a coconut oil spa treatment on your agenda.  And your time away with the kids will really feel like a vacation.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get Your Kids Started On Coconut Water Early

Father and son on a basketball court at home
A dad playing with a future NBA Star

Long before your kids started watching and wanting to play like superstar athletes, your kids were watching the foods and beverages YOU endorsed. After your kids come in from playing a hard game on the driveway or at the playground have a cool glass of coconut water ready for them instead of a can of soda.

One time when I was a youngster, my Mom gave me a tall glass of iced tea with lots of lemons after I came home from playing tennis all day. That’s one of my favorite childhood memories.

Playing basketball gives children a great fitness workout.  Kids are really practicing the moves of NBA players like Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls, the Celtics’ Kevin Garnett and Clippers player Blake Griffin. All of these players currently endorse various coconut water brands.

Make sure that your children know that YOU officially endorse and prefer coconut water for a sports recovery drink. At least give your kids a fighting chance in the battle to stay hydrated, fit and energized with minerals and essential electrolytes like potassium from a completely natural source.

So when your kids start playing sports away from home, they’ll know to reach for the coconut water in the cooler because that’s what Mom always gave them. At a minimum, they will think twice before reaching for another type of  sports drink beverage.

Drink Creamy Coconut Milk To Go And Save Dollars

I  used to pack a lunch and still wind-up blowing my budget when I 'd buy expensive fruit smoothies, milk shakes and other specialty beverages in the cafeteria.  What I do now is pack a small jug of coconut milk to chug after lunch.

It’s a great way to keep costs down. Once place I would eat lunch at sold small containers of coconut water for nearly $5.00!!!!

I pack the coconut milk jug along with a small cold pack to get the most refreshing flavor.

Blend in your favorite fruit or even a little whipping cream into the coconut milk to make an inexpensive thick and creamy after-lunch treat. This is a great money saver and there's  nothing more revitalizing than more $$$$ in your pocket.