Thursday, May 2, 2013

Drink Creamy Coconut Milk To Go And Save Dollars

I  used to pack a lunch and still wind-up blowing my budget when I 'd buy expensive fruit smoothies, milk shakes and other specialty beverages in the cafeteria.  What I do now is pack a small jug of coconut milk to chug after lunch.

It’s a great way to keep costs down. Once place I would eat lunch at sold small containers of coconut water for nearly $5.00!!!!

I pack the coconut milk jug along with a small cold pack to get the most refreshing flavor.

Blend in your favorite fruit or even a little whipping cream into the coconut milk to make an inexpensive thick and creamy after-lunch treat. This is a great money saver and there's  nothing more revitalizing than more $$$$ in your pocket.

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