Monday, May 13, 2013

Get Rid Of Sweaty Sensations With Coconut Water!

There's a remedy for when you wake-up feeling like you slept here.

Hot Dog! I woke-up sooo...  sweaty this morning – like I slept in a steam room. But I wasn’t even that hot.  I was just sweaty-especially my scalp, neck and chest.  I got up and went straight to the refrigerator, poured a shot glass of coconut water and gulped it down. Instant relief!
I got rid of that irritating sweaty sensation along with the damp messiness.

I think that all the soda and sugary desserts I had yesterday at a family get-together overloaded my body.  Add to that,  I just started a new vitamin supplement.

Coconut water seems to work faster than drinking plain water or wiping down my face with a cool towel. Odd as it seems,  chilled coconut water actually feels colder than chilled mineral water!

Just like auto coolant works on car engines, coconut water chills, refreshes and balances my body.

What's every better  is toweling-off with a cloth that dampened with coconut water.  That's a beauty ritual that women perform in many cultures,  like Brazil for one.
Try gulping chilled coconut water when you need to get rid of sweatiness and quickly replace any lost electrolytes like potassium and sodium.

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