Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get Your Kids Started On Coconut Water Early

Father and son on a basketball court at home
A dad playing with a future NBA Star

Long before your kids started watching and wanting to play like superstar athletes, your kids were watching the foods and beverages YOU endorsed. After your kids come in from playing a hard game on the driveway or at the playground have a cool glass of coconut water ready for them instead of a can of soda.

One time when I was a youngster, my Mom gave me a tall glass of iced tea with lots of lemons after I came home from playing tennis all day. That’s one of my favorite childhood memories.

Playing basketball gives children a great fitness workout.  Kids are really practicing the moves of NBA players like Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls, the Celtics’ Kevin Garnett and Clippers player Blake Griffin. All of these players currently endorse various coconut water brands.

Make sure that your children know that YOU officially endorse and prefer coconut water for a sports recovery drink. At least give your kids a fighting chance in the battle to stay hydrated, fit and energized with minerals and essential electrolytes like potassium from a completely natural source.

So when your kids start playing sports away from home, they’ll know to reach for the coconut water in the cooler because that’s what Mom always gave them. At a minimum, they will think twice before reaching for another type of  sports drink beverage.

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