Friday, September 28, 2012



The Russians are not coming. That is, not coming to get American corn products. Now would be about the right time to seriously think about switching to coconut oil for your main cooking oil.
According to numerous news reports, Rospotrebandzor, Russia’s consumer protection agency, recently suspended importation of American corn while their scientists examine and validate a French study linking genetically modified (GM) corn products to cancer.  Apparently other European agencies are also reviewing the study.
If you are concerned about your cooking oil, there are alternative products.


  1. Coconut oil for high temperature frying, sautéing and baking
  2. Olive oil for sautéing
  3. Palm oil for baking and stir frying
  4. Sesame seed oil for sautéing
  5. Butter for baking and sautéing (note, many cows are fed GM corn)
  6. Lard for baking and high temperature cooking (note, most hogs are fed GM corn)
Literally billions of people in the world safely use one or another of the above oils.  All of these cooking oils have an history of human use going back at least 2 millennia.
They are all yummy-tasting too.

Recent News Reports about Corn products

In September 2012 numerous news outlets reported that a French university study linked genetically modified corn to tumors and cancer in rats.  Virtually all corn grown in the United States is genetically modified or GM. The study results and methodology have been contested by American agroindustrial giant Monsanto.
American farmers are the most productive in the world.  I do not believe that American farmers and agribusiness industry would knowingly produce and distribute a harmful food commodity.
This is not a scientific blog and I am not an agriculture expert, but from what I’ve read, consuming corn and corn products, GM or NON-GM, can have unintended consequences on human health.
That said, remember that native Mesoamerican farmers and homemakers were the first culture to successfully select corn varieties and modify finished grain with lime to make the grain suitable for human consumption.

News Source: Daily Mail Sept, 25,2012, online:  Russia Suspends Import and Use of American GM Corn
Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

Monday, September 24, 2012


When I need to stimulate an appetite, I say:  ‘By any means necessary.’ Switching to yummy coconut oil to prepare most of my meals has been the biggest appetite stimulate for me in recent years. 
And oddly, a simple plastic dinner plate, of all things, has got me very happy to cook, each and everyday.
Some other typical sources of cooking inspiration and appetite stimulation include:
  • Going to local “taste of” events
  • Shopping in the grocery store aisles that I usually ignore
  • Updating cooking spices
  • Exchanging recipes with friends and family
  • Eating at a new restaurant
  • Reading food magazines
  • Watching cooking shows on TV
  • Going to farmers markets
But a new plastic dinner plate has got to be the weirdest source of inspiration. Actually the plate is a small sectioned dinner tray from Target. The tray was a gift from a relative.
The tray’s playful and colorful design is similar to “bento” food crafting designs by Japanese Moms.  Those crafty women shape and colorfully decorate food to look like human faces, small animals or storybook characters to encourage their young children to eat.
Now, I can’t do all that, but the dinner tray design has got me happy to cook and fill-up the sections.  Cooking doesn’t seem like drudgery or a chore.
OK, I admit it:  The Target dinner tray is for children!

Target child's bento style dinner tray

Pat Thomas for the Coconut Lovers Mojo until next time…

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Last night, I had to turn-on the furnace even though it’s still officially summer.
 Fall’s not due for a few more days. But my skin looks and feels dry because of dropping temperatures, lower humidity and gusting winds.  
 So what’s a girl to do?   Chicagoland’s overnight temperature fell to 49 degrees and the outdoor humidity was about 38%. Winds have been gusting about 20 mph.
  • First, I make it a point to start-up the humidifier on the furnace.  This is important if the indoor humidity will drop below 20% because of the forced air heat. (Radiators are more forgiving.)
  • Next, I avoid dehydration and try to stay moisturized internally.  So I drink a glass of plain or coconut water before bedtime. 
  • After cleansing my face, I apply a light layer of coconut oil to help seal moisture into my skin.
  • Then in the morning, I don’t use soap on my face.
  • I cleanse it with coconut oil and just wipe-off any excess.  This way gusty winds and cooler temperatures won’t dry-out my facial skin during the day.  
Pat Thomas for the Coconut Lovers Mojo until next time…

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Have you tried salad greens for breakfast? Well, they provide a surprisingly large storehouse of energy to get through the day. 
I originally read about the salad for breakfast tip in Chris McDougall’s bestselling book, Born to Run.  Eating a salad for breakfast is a winning start to the day.


I actually favor eating more traditional breakfast foods like sausage with eggs at least 2 times per week.  But lately the breakfast sausage brands I have been buying leave a lot to desire.  The meat blend is bland tasting, has too few spices and too much salt.

So, I have improvised by using uncured luncheon meat instead of breakfast sausage.


I fry the eggs and luncheon meat in 1 or 2 tablespoons of Coconut oil. And in a few minutes I have enough protein to carry me through the day until dinner.
I often fry the eggs instead of boiling them because the fried eggs keep away midday hunger feelings better and I get my daily quotient of Coconut oil benefits.
Pat Thomas for The Coconut Lovers Mojo until next time…

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It’s all over the internet: The tip that you can use coconut oil for underarm deodorant.  But does that mean it’s true because it’s on the internet?  That depends! 

First, you should be scrupulously clean before applying coconut oil to your underarms. Apply it immediately after washing.
Second, you should use a deodorant or odor-masking soap.
Third, washing with a mild soap beforehand would be one strike against using coconut oil.
Fourth, you should probably be on your day-off.
Fifth, you probably shouldn’t plan on doing any stressful, sweaty, or stink producing activities.
Sixth, teenager or menopausal hormone shifts might be another strike.
Seventh, any food, drink or medical condition that affects your body odor would mean a strike-out
Eighth, don’t choose a hot day to use coconut oil for a deodorant.
Ninth, you will need to re-apply it twice a day and use organic extra-virgin coconut oil. WASH BETWEEN APPLICATIONS.
Tenth, you will probably need to surround yourself with people who wouldn’t mind a tinny bit of off-odor toward nightfall.
If you can satisfy all of the above conditions, I say ‘Go For It!’
Otherwise, only use coconut oil for an underarm deodorant when you have to race to the store to buy a real deodorant.

Monday, September 10, 2012


The Body Shop’s “Coconut Body Butter” and Perlier’s “Ultra-Revitalizing Body Butter with Coconut Milk” both make a good change of pace from straight coconut oil for moisturizing.
Let’s look at the performance of all three products:

  • Coconut oil is faster absorbing than either cream from The Body Shop or Perlier.
  • Perlier’s formula includes Shea butter and coconut oil. It is a thick cream that’s ultra moisturizing, great for daytime long-lasting protection of my skin in winter.
  • The Body Shop’s body butter includes Brazil nut oil, cocoa butter, glycerin and coconut oil. It’s lightweight and leaves a delicate, soft shimmer. It’s an excellent hot weather body cream.
  • Coconut oil is the best overnight moisturizer. In summer and winter my skin is soft and dewy in the morning. The oil absorbs fast into my skin and the aroma is highly relaxing at bedtime.
  • Coconut oil can be hard to extract from a jar in a cool bathroom during winter.  In the summer, it can be messy to handle in the liquid state.
  • Whiteners are in both of the body butters which can obscure skin tone. Coconut oil leaves the ultimate sheen and glint on my skin.
  • Coconut oil is multi-purpose. I can use it for my skin, my hair or in cooked dishes. The body creams are only for skin.
Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

Friday, September 7, 2012


Here are 6 quick ways to taste-test coconut oil if you have never used it for cooking or baking:

  1. Use it for cooking scrambled eggs instead of butter
  2. Use it for stir frying vegetables instead of non-stick spray
  3. Add a ½ teaspoon to hot chocolate
  4. Use it to pop popcorn instead of corn oil
  5. Use it to make skillet toast
  6. Add a ½ teaspoon to a milk hot toddy instead of butter


The blissful aroma and yummy flavor will keep you wanting more cooked dishes with coconut oil.  

Just be sure to use extra virgin, organic coconut oil to get the full aroma, flavor and benefits.
Also, if you do not detect any flavor or aroma in the 1st jar you buy, don't give-up,  try another brand. This is what I had to do after buying some oil that was old. Fresh coconut oil tastes great!
 Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time...

Monday, September 3, 2012


Nothing beats the sensation of massaging a piece of mashed-up fruit like cantaloupe into my feet during a pedicure. The fruit plus a little coconut oil makes a no- soap, non-irritating DIY cleanser.

Fruit and Coconut Oil Cleansers

For a moisturizing, refreshing cleanser, I also knead fruits like banana, avocado or mango on my footsies along with a few teaspoons of coconut oil.  

Deep Clean with Coconut Oil

For a deeper clean I mix coconut oil with lime, strawberries or potatoes (use only on cloudy days). 
For light exfoliation, I use a pinapple slice or a wet piece of brown coconut husk.

Floral Water and Coconut Oil

Flowers like hibiscus or rose petals are both rich in vitamin C and are good for simply soaking my feet.  After soaking, I massage them with coconut oil before going to bed.

I mostly use overripe fruit that I probably am not going to eat for these coconut oil foot cleansers.