Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Last night, I had to turn-on the furnace even though it’s still officially summer.
 Fall’s not due for a few more days. But my skin looks and feels dry because of dropping temperatures, lower humidity and gusting winds.  
 So what’s a girl to do?   Chicagoland’s overnight temperature fell to 49 degrees and the outdoor humidity was about 38%. Winds have been gusting about 20 mph.
  • First, I make it a point to start-up the humidifier on the furnace.  This is important if the indoor humidity will drop below 20% because of the forced air heat. (Radiators are more forgiving.)
  • Next, I avoid dehydration and try to stay moisturized internally.  So I drink a glass of plain or coconut water before bedtime. 
  • After cleansing my face, I apply a light layer of coconut oil to help seal moisture into my skin.
  • Then in the morning, I don’t use soap on my face.
  • I cleanse it with coconut oil and just wipe-off any excess.  This way gusty winds and cooler temperatures won’t dry-out my facial skin during the day.  
Pat Thomas for the Coconut Lovers Mojo until next time…

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