Monday, September 24, 2012


When I need to stimulate an appetite, I say:  ‘By any means necessary.’ Switching to yummy coconut oil to prepare most of my meals has been the biggest appetite stimulate for me in recent years. 
And oddly, a simple plastic dinner plate, of all things, has got me very happy to cook, each and everyday.
Some other typical sources of cooking inspiration and appetite stimulation include:
  • Going to local “taste of” events
  • Shopping in the grocery store aisles that I usually ignore
  • Updating cooking spices
  • Exchanging recipes with friends and family
  • Eating at a new restaurant
  • Reading food magazines
  • Watching cooking shows on TV
  • Going to farmers markets
But a new plastic dinner plate has got to be the weirdest source of inspiration. Actually the plate is a small sectioned dinner tray from Target. The tray was a gift from a relative.
The tray’s playful and colorful design is similar to “bento” food crafting designs by Japanese Moms.  Those crafty women shape and colorfully decorate food to look like human faces, small animals or storybook characters to encourage their young children to eat.
Now, I can’t do all that, but the dinner tray design has got me happy to cook and fill-up the sections.  Cooking doesn’t seem like drudgery or a chore.
OK, I admit it:  The Target dinner tray is for children!

Target child's bento style dinner tray

Pat Thomas for the Coconut Lovers Mojo until next time…

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