Thursday, May 16, 2013

Coconut Oil Minimizes Strong Heavy Perfumes

Yesterday I put on my favorite magic perfume to go meet “Mr. Right”. But I put on a tad too much of the magic perfume that unfortunately has an unusual fragrance note… vomit! I can’t stand smelling it myself, so I smoothed some coconut oil over my wrists to minimize the scent.

It worked!  I could barely detect the peppery vomit scent. I don’t like it but many men do, especially the right men… those who are highly educated and wealthy. These types of men frequently make positive comments about the perfume.

Most times I only wear the magic perfume on my ankles.  But I decided to put it on my wrists for the meeting with this particular “Mr. Right”.  I could barely stand smelling it!

This luxury designer perfume’s note is not ambergris, that delicious whale vomit note.  It’s some other organic smell that I  detected in certain perfumes when I was a little girl,  before the era of synthetic fragrances. The aromatherapist in me has been meaning to research the note.

Did I mention that I can't stand that perfume and that I only wear it on rare occasions?

In any case, the coconut oil toned-down the strong scent so I wouldn’t be overpowered with my own fragrance on a hot spring day.  And how did the meeting with “Mr. Right” turn-out?  My doctor visit was fine, all’s OK.

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