Monday, May 27, 2013

Switch-up To Coconut Butter Biscuits

Last Sunday morning, I woke-up with a burning desire for Edna Lewis’ biscuits from her chef’s book In Pursuit of Flavor. But I didn’t feel like converting the restaurant quantities in Ms. Lewis’ book to a serving for 2.  So, I made my ordinary biscuit recipe with a new twist: I substituted coconut butter for dairy butter.

How Coconut Butter Biscuits Taste

Yum , Yum and Yummy are the only words I need to describe the flavor of the coconut butter biscuits. They were delicately sweet with a slight nutty savor.
They seemed to take a little longer to brown. The color was a toasted yelllow.  And, the texture was about the same but I wondered if I should have used a tad bit less of the coco butter. Other than that, they tasted awesome. 
Coconut butter is the way to go for biscuits.

What is Coconut Butter?

Coconut butter is basically pureed fresh coconut meat. Don’t confuse the nut butter with coconut oil which is extracted from dried coconuts.  They are 2 different coconut products that serve different cooking purposes.
Coconut butter can be eaten fresh from the jar. It’s just that good!  I also use it on toast or slathered on top of cookies. I’ve taste-tested two different brands. Some brands have a little bit of added coconut oil to make the  butter to easier to get out of the jar.

Eat Homemade Biscuits And Taste Healthy Flavor

My biscuits baked-up up great. They tasted great and they tasted healthy.
Frankly, these last few years I’d been a little lazy when it comes to making homemade biscuits.  It just seemed like too much trouble in the morning.
 I had even thought about buying canned biscuits until I saw that they contain 36% sodium.  That was a definite ‘no go’ and I put the can right back down in the store’s refrigerated case.
The same goes for the biscuits that come with fast-food fried chicken. They taste like they’re made with 50% salt. They never taste healthy or flavorful, they just taste like salt.

Coconut Butter Is A New Flavor Sensation

Try substituting coconut butter in your own biscuit recipe or use the instructions on the back of the baking powder can. You’ll never miss the dairy butter or salt. Homemade biscuits that have coconut butter’s flavor are just that good!

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