Monday, June 3, 2013

Get Coconut Oil Protection On Low UV Level Days

Chicago's Trump Tower Exterior Skin
Chicago's Trump Tower reflects a cloudy sky

Here in Chicago, most days are not sunny, even during the summer.  Why that is, especially these last few years, I don’t know.  But to maintain an even skin tone, I use sunscreen regardless of the UV level.  Most days it’s not high, so I use coconut oil for sunscreen.

Coconut oil is rated SPF 6 and it’s perfect for days when there’s not much sunshine and the UV levels are low.  I can get a mottled, uneven look to my skin even on cloudy days.

But my skin doesn’t get burned from the sun. So it doesn’t make sense to use a sun product with a high rating, say, SPF 50.

Coconut oil is one more weapon in my sun protection arsenal. Coconut oil provides adequate protection for my skin on days with low UV levels.

 Coconut oil is the perfect skincare product to keep my skin glowing and very even-looking without using overpowering chemicals every single day.

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