Monday, June 24, 2013

Taste-Test Infuser Mango Coconut Water

Mango coconut water homemade with an infuser

Ok, here are the results of my second try with the fruit infuser-this time with mangoes and coconut water.  After 4 hours, I got  a rich mango liqueur-like flavored beverage with very little coconut water taste.
 It’s so syrupy and fruity sweet, I only imbibe a little at a time.

Fruit Infuser Recipe

For this taste test, I filled the infuser core with 3 sliced mangoes plus the pits (to extract all the flavor) and a short stalk of spearmint leaves. Then I filled the pitcher with 2-one liter containers of coconut water. Next, I placed the pitcher in the refrigerator for the fruit and herb flavors to infuse into the coconut water.

A Coconut Cocktail Of Flavors

What I got is a flavored drink so heavenly sweet  with the essence of mango, I wondered  if I should I add it to  a shot of rum or vodka for a cocktail.
Wait a minute!  That should be an oxymoron: coconut water and vodka? Hmmm….

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