Thursday, July 5, 2012


I won’t be posting any “before” pictures, but after years of not using sunscreen, I now have achieved a more even colored skin tone with fewer spots and discolored areas.
I use coconut oil for sunscreen and commercial sunscreen products with low SPF ratings.  
 I also make an effort to avoid foods and vices I know are bad for my skin.
  • I’m a recovering chocaholic. Chocolate is so sumptuous but after eating it for years I just realized that it makes my skin extremely flaky almost like sand paper. 
  •  I know the warnings about smoking.
  • Soda pop especially colas enlarge my pores, so instead I drink more coconut water. Weight loss is important because gaining pounds from sugar and sweeteners may contribute to skin tags according to my physician.
  •  I only have an alcoholic drink once a month.
  • Heavy, meaty meals blot my body and my face. 
OK I’m a bad girl.  So now I use some form of sun protection daily.
I believe that I get better skin tone by using coconut oil for sunscreen.
Pat Thomas for Coco Mojo until next time…

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