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Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder review

Bronze Goddess is innocently captivating with an unique blend that somehow softens some of the most intense and hard to handle fragrances notes.
It’s an intoxicating blend good for the beach, office and evening wear.  It does not compete with hot weather and is not overpowering.
Bronze Goddess captures the scents that I have noticed on women from the South Pacific, India and the Philippines only Estee Lauder has smoothed the hard edges of traditional fragrance oils.


The Estee Lauder website describes the fragrance as: “A sensuous, sun-drenched blend of Bergamot and Mandarin, cooled with Tahitian Gardenia Petals and Coconut …with Amber, Sandalwood and Vetiver”
The coconut tempers the gardenia’s heat and the gardenia seems to fix the coconut aroma.
My overall impression is the scent of coconut and fruit as in a tropical cocktail not sunscreen.
The long lasting scent is nubile smelling and makes me feel like I don’t know that I have that “IT” factor.


The fragrance’s square bottle is cleverly designed with bronze tempered glass textured like golden sand. It invokes the image of high noon at the beach.
Coordinating bronzer powders and self-tanning cream are also available.


Bronze Goddess is an Estee Lauder Limited edition fragrance only available for purchase during the summer. The product is available as eau fraiche/skinscent (cologne) for 1.40 oz online or in premier department stores for appr. $57.00. 

Hilary Rhoda is one major fashion model who represents Bronze Goddess.  Elizabeth Hurley represents other Estee Lauder brands.

Note: there is a new version available: Capri which is described as citrusy.

Miami Glow by J Lo REVIEW

This scent has a powdery, understated, persistent presence with strong citrus notes and soft florals. 
Miami Glow is a soft but industrial smelling blend that is too dramatic for a summer day and too overpowering during a heat wave. There’s that pop of citrus upon the initial spritz but that stops smelling refreshing after a few moments. The resulting bitter, unpalatable citrus fragrance note drowns out the other notes except for a very light hint of rose.


The press release for Miami Glow described it as a “tropical cocktail full… of lush fruits, fresh flowers and sun-backed sand.”
It might possibly be satisfactory as an evening scent or as a non-floral change of pace.
Don’t let the internet reviews fool you:  There is no discernible coconut flavor in Miami Glow. And, I have been testing this fragrance, off and on now for months.


The bottle itself is notable for its “coke bottle” shape.  There are men who are not familiar with the term “hourglass figure”.  They do, however, know what it means when a woman is described as having a coke bottle shape.  Ms. J. Lo knows how to tend to her business.


The fragrance is available as 1.0 oz. Eau de Toilette, available online, at drug stores and discount stores.  Prices range from $29.00 to $41.00

Pat Thomas for COCO MOJO until next time…

Bronze Goddess is available as a “eau fraiche skinscent” (cologne) 1.4 oz. for $57 sold online and in premier department stores.

In a department store, the bottle may not be displayed on the counter so you may have to ask for it.  

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