Thursday, May 3, 2012


This is a simple nighttime hand care ritual that will carry you on a wave to the sweetest sleep while giving you better looking hands.
Do my ritual for just a few nights and you will soon discover that coconut oil skin benefits include dramatic improvements in the overall condition of your hands, with smoother texture, clearer skin tone, less dryness, all without the preservatives and other chemicals in drugstore lotion brands.  
Dr. Bruce Fife at the Coconut Research Center and author of book The Coconut Oil Miracle, writes that coconut oil can diminish the appearance of brown spots.  Brown spots, aka liver spots, aka age spots consist of solar damaged skin, especially skin on the hands, according to the National Institutes of Health,, MedlinePlus Health Information website. 
My procedure is to use a pea size amount of organic extra virgin coconut oil, massage it into my hands slowly and softly for a minute or two, being sure to include the skin on my wrists. Lastly, I inhale the fleeting delicate savory and ligneous coconut aroma as the oil melts into my skin and I get soothed mentally and physically.
Perform this ritual every night before going to bed.
This coconut oil skin treatment ritual leaves my hands looking incredible. The soothing feelings are amazing. 

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