Friday, April 6, 2012


  • Tastier guzzled or chugged:  You’ll get the best thirst-quenching effect. Don’t sip it like juice or a cocktail.
  • Easier in a little crystal shot glass:  Just refrigerate the remainder to drink or use in a recipe.
  • Best chilled!  No time for the fridge? Use a couple of ice cubes.  Really… it’s not illegal.
  • Better with a small slice of lime: Or you can just add a couple drops of lime juice.
  • Different by brand:  If you don’t like one, try another.  Buy 2 or 3 different brands to taste test over a week. Check online for more available brands.
  • Coconut water is produced globally from Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines and everywhere in between the 26N and 26S latitudes.  Coco Water is like wine grapes and juice oranges, the taste is dependent on the locale’s growing conditions. Also, some brands are fresh, while others are reconstituted coconut water.
  • Clear almost like plain water:  Don’t confuse it with coconut juice or coconut milk which are very, hmm… different tasting. Electrolytes and nutrients differ in these products.
  • Cheaper without added flavors like mango:  That’s the best way to save money on a product that’s comparable in price to premium mineral water.
  • Beneficial for the average man and woman:  Don’t be put off by celebrities like Rihanna 

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