Thursday, April 19, 2012


Here are my favorite coconut confections: Dreamy tasting and unforgettably satisfying.
NEAPOLITAN PINK, WHITE & BROWN COCONUT BAR Once sold by street vendors in Chicago’s Washington Park, it’s now mainstream. Manufactured for nearly a century, it’s now sold online and at vintage candy shops.
CHOCOLATE COCONUT STACKS, nearly the size of baseballs, once sold at Marshall Field's department store next to their trademark Frangos. Field’s chocolate flavor was the best tasting I have ever experienced.  The STACKS were sold until the 1990s.

The store is gone but not my memory of the flavor. Yummy!
TRINIDADS, from Fannie May candy maker, are chocolate cream covered with a yellow shell, infused with toasted coconut flakes.  It’s now sold online.
 The shape has been changed from a petite square confectionery to more bon bon looking.  It’s still good.

PINK COCONUT BON BONS from the Sears store candy counter (yes they used to have candy counters in their stores).
ALMOND JOY made by Hersey’s.  It’s still good after all these years, good quality milk chocolate covering a shredded moist coconut topped with an almond. Easy to get, it’s sold everywhere for a quick coco fix.
MOUNDS, also by Hersey’s, has got a slightly biting dark chocolate flavor over sweetened coconut.  Sometimes the coconut seems too sweet, but the dark chocolate never fails to satisfy me. Hmm...
OSKRI COCONUT ENERGY BARS, made in Wisconsin, are pure simple coconut with low sugar. Order online, because they are not to easy to find in stores at all. This bar tastes like pure cocos nucifera.
MALLO CUP by Boyer has some coconut flakes sprinkled in the creamy center.
PURE COCONUT I purchased while in Orlando: I have forgotten the real brand name.
I didn’t like the chocolate covering, it was bland with no real taste except for too much sugar.  So I peeled off all the chocolate covering the coconut. 
Interesting, the coconut itself was barely sweetened.  I liked it immediately, just the coconut flavor and texture with few other ingredients.
Tell me your favorite coconut sweet via email or comments.

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