Thursday, April 5, 2012


With organic coconut oil, you will quickly see and feel a dramatic improvement in skincare results. Until full-strength coconut oil is stocked at your local grocer, get an easy start with the merits of these 5 types of personal products:

1.  Overnight Hand Treatments – Get stunningly improved skin that you will miss seeing when you don’t use coco oil at night.  Coco oil hand creams and lotions are not widely available so check for them at specialty cosmetics stores.

2.  Hair treatments – Coco blended hair care products are becoming more common at drugstores and high-end retail outlets.  Best use: Try a pre-shampoo oil treatment to soothe itchy, flaky scalp skin.

3.  Lip Balms – These balms prevent dehydrated lips by sealing in existing moisture. Usually there’s no color and only a soft  fragrance from essential oils to prevent irritated lips.

They are usually only stocked by health food stores.

4.  Foot Care Creams – These are still hard to find but you can substitute a coco oil hand cream. You will still get the blessings of smooth skin on your feet.

5.  Baby Care Products – Available at all major retail chain stores.  Try baby oil blended with coconut, without any mineral oil. Start your baby on an healthy organic lifestyle with coconut oil benefits. 

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