Thursday, April 26, 2012


Name: Coconut Coast by Details Bath and Body        
Rating:  3 out of 5 points
Where to Buy:  Walgreens Drug Stores                                                          
Type:  Moisturizing Body Mist
Use:  Day off from work, summer vacation
Fragrance Notes:  The top note is coconut, the mid note is vanilla, with cocoa butter and white musk base notes.
Price:  Less than $10
Impressions:  This body mist is subtle, pleasant, and actually smells coconutty.
It’s also a little “happy fun” beach smelling, maybe a touch hedonistic.  The vanilla and white musk are not stifling, the cocoa butter is sublime. 
Overall, this mist is suitable for days when it’s overkill to spritz on your more expensive fragrances like “Glow” by Jennifer Lopez.  And this mist does smell exactly like some other more luxuriant coconut fragrances that I use.
Unlike other low-priced body mists, Coconut Coast stands out because it doesn’t denature into an overbearing, fetid chemical smell after a few hours.
Also:  I only occasionally use Coconut Coast, when the mood hits me and I know I’m going no further than the mailbox.  Why?  This mist contains a preservative from the carbamate family of organic chemicals that’s just too serious. 
 I spray 1 light spritz over well-oiled skin on the back of my legs, and never on any other part of my body.

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