Saturday, April 14, 2012


The temperature in Chicago  shot-up to 87 degrees recently one March day and I just had to get me some coconut water because I was so hot and sweaty. 

No other soft drink tops the refreshing liquid from inside the coconut palm tree’s endosperm or seed.
Well, what I got was price shock, instead. The price for the coconut hydration was 150% higher at the gas station food mart than at an online store.
Even Kevin Garnett would have to think twice about quenching his thirst with a price mark-up that high.
I usually stock-up on coconut water in late spring to avoid paying exorbitant prices during the summer.
3 Stock-up Options
  • Online stores have the best per unit price, especially if you buy a case. Get low or free shipping charges to keep your savings.
  • Grocery stores offer case savings to match online store prices, at least 1 store chain in Chicago does. And, there’s no delivery charge. Ask the manager at your local chain about discounts.
  • Small ethnic grocery stores often sell coconut water for prices less than online stores. Visit a Thai or Pilipino store for brands from the owner’s country.

Chicago’s spring and summer weather varies from freezing in late May to killer heat waves in early July.  “Moderate temperatures” does not characterize Chicago’s weather.
 The temperatures got so hot so fast this March, I did not have a chance to stock-up.

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