Monday, April 8, 2013

Posso “I Can” New Coconut Oil Based Perfume

Osmia Organics touts their new perfume as an “antidote to feelings of insecurity”. Mature scents like Violet leaf, sandalwood, frankincense, melissa essential oils and extracts are infused into coconut and jojoba oils.

Learn more about the philosophy behind Posso at this link

Posso photo courtesy Osmia Organics
photo courtesy Osmia Organics

Infusion is an ancient  holistic fragrance manufacturing process that’s once again popular with perfume makers. To me, infusion creates a full-bodied  but delicate fragrance experience for perfume lovers.

Fragrance materials are basically steeped in either animal fats or oils like coconut to extract perfume notes.

Popular perfumer Pacifica’s designs youthful fragrances that are also made with a coconut oil base.


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