Thursday, April 4, 2013

How To Get Gleaming Pearly Teeth With Coconut

African American child brushing her teeth

There are a lot of videos and blogs on the internet that claim that coconut oil works as a teeth whitener. There are also claims that “oil pulling”  with coconut oil  keeps teeth and gums healthy. 
I figure that it can’t hurt to use coconut oil on my teeth.

But here’s another coconut product that I use on my teeth that makes them look incredible:  It’s Coconut water.  Here’s how I do it.

Coconut Water Teeth Wipe Down


I pour a little coconut water on a paper towel.  Next I wipe my teeth, inside and out with the coconut water. Lastly, I swish my mouth with plain water from the faucet to remove any coconut sugar from the surface of my teeth.
And, my teeth look incredibly youthful!

They gleam like they did when I was younger.  No, they aren't much whiter they  just are shinier and pearlier.
Now I do this procedure after brushing with regular toothpaste in the morning. Then I usually drink a glass of plain water, a cup of coffee and a glass of coconut water.  Then I eat breakfast or drink a smoothie.
Then I use the coconut water on my teeth.
This make more sense to me than using a fluoride rinse on top of the fluoridated toothpaste I use.

Too Much Coffee and Tea


They get that shiny, glistening, reflective glow that young people’s teeth look like when they haven’t started drinking too much coffee or smoking cigarettes.
But alas, the pretty shiny gleaming teeth effect is only temporary.  It lasts until I drink my afternoon tea.

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