Monday, April 1, 2013

Get Ready for Spring Hair Showtime With Coconut Oil

Illustration of  A African American Woman in a Swimsuit
She's a show-off!!

It’s ‘Hats Off’ to springtime, but is my hair ready? All winter long I wore hats outside to keep the cold air off my head. Inside I wore scarves to keep warm forced air from the furnace off of my scalp and hair. I am going to use coconut oil on my hair and scalp to get ready for a spring showtime.

Here’s my Hair Pep-Up ritual for Spring:

  • Pretreat my scalp with coconut oil plus 1 drop of lime juice

  • Cleanse or Shampoo hair and then condition
  • Moisturize hair with coconut oil before drying
  • Re-moisturize hair ends with coconut oil after drying.
Use Extra-virgin, Organic coconut oil, your hair deserves the best! 

An Itty-bitty Dollop Is Enough

A little goes a long way for most hair and beauty needs. It's not like commercial store products for hair that require you to  squeeze and squeeze-out more and more product. 

You need to only use 1 or 2 teaspoons  of organic coconut oil to get the full moisturizing benefit for your hair-some times less than that!

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