Monday, April 22, 2013

Coca Cola Says Drink… Coconut Water Too!

Remember this song from the 1970s and how Goooood it made us all feel!

Wow! That Coke commercial STILL gives me chills!

Well, Coca Cola now owns a company that sells  the original old school "Real Thing" beverage:  Coconut Water. That's right, Coca Cola now wants you to drink ZICO coconut water. 

Zico Coconut Water will be promoted in a new nationwide advertising campaign designed by the marketing firm Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP).   The ads will feature that Big something extra all coconut water drinkers experience. BSSP calls it “Oomph”.

 Here’s a video clip of one the new BSSP commercials for ZICO:

 Personally I get more of a “Mmmm…” sensation from the refreshment in coconut water.

ZICO is tasty, no question about it. My bottles of ZICO state that it's produced in Thailand, however, the taste is crisp, clear and icy even when it's not in the fridge.  But Coca Cola's Thai ZICO does not have the smoky  savory seawater wood flavor of other coco waters produced in Thailand, a traditional flavor which I also like.

(Disclosure Note:  I regularly buy my own ZICO and other coconut water brands from Target and online-I have no relationship with the Coca Cola Company.)

 “Hmmm…” is what I think about the idea of Coca Cola, Coke,  promoting coconut water: The world is really changing. 

Don’t get me wrong I love my Coke… I buy 3 packs every month. But I got a feeling that Coca Cola is now going to teach many, many people in our corner of the world about the benefits of drinking coconut water.

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