Monday, April 15, 2013

Discovery's Naked Castaway – Coconut’s Very Very Good

Here’s the TV show scene: Adventurer Ed Stafford lands on a deserted island in turquoise waters near Fiji.  He’s got no company, no tools, no clothes and no supplies.  Job 1: Get clothes, water, food and shelter from a coconut palm tree!

He’s in the first episode of “Naked Castaway” on the Discovery Channel.

The Guinness World Book winning explorer starts his odyssey making clothes first from palm fronds to protect his private parts from sunburn that he can get in 10 minutes.

Ed literally eats and drinks coconut everyday. But he still has an intense hankering for meat protein. So he eats raw slugs and a still twitching gecko he killed. Then he gets sick… real sick.

Ed should have stuck with the coconut, it will hold him up for at least 30 days or half of the 60 days he’s trying to survive as a castaway.

 I highly recommend that you watch the TV show to see that coconut palms are not just pretty trees.

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