Monday, February 25, 2013

Relax! Get Loose With Coconut Water?

Relaxing coconut water and pool water
Is Coconut Water Also Relaxing
I woke-up the other morning with worrying thoughts about a family medical emergency.  I trudged through the kitchen, got a glass and poured my regular morning drink of coconut water for energy.

 I drank the coconut water and immediately felt my worries float away.

The absence of the worries was very noticeable.  I stopped moving so I could languish in the freedom from the sad thoughts. 

Then it hit me ‘the coconut water did this’.
‘Say Whattttt…Pat’

 I didn’t feel anything physical happening to me.  I just felt the thoughts of disappointment being literally moved aside. I was standing in front of the sink when it happened. Then I went on with my day: I was back in the moment  and not what could have been in the past. 

Is Coconut Water Really Mood Altering?

So where  is the research to prove that I experienced what I know I experienced?
I haven’t found any academic research results yet, just tons of testimonials like mine all over the internet. 

Some writers say that it’s the B vitamins in coconut water that relaxes partakers.  Some say that a heightened mood is a natural benefit of being hydrated with coconut water.

It could be the magnesium, calcium or some of the other minerals in coconut water. Perhaps it’s the sugar or the tiny bit of fat.
Yes, there is fat in coconut water, just a little bit according to the USDA, less that 1 gram per cup.  Here the link for the USDA’s Coconut Water Nutrient Data Table.

Trust Coconut Water, Verify Later

To all that I say: “Maybe or maybe not”. The relaxed feeling JUST IS. So just enjoy coconut water instead of a glass of wine or beer for a change of pace sometimes.

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