Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monoi Tahiti Sandalwood Review: Fresh Soap Scented Coconut Oil!

Fragrant sandalwood fan
Fragrant sandalwood hand fan

Fragrance Name: Monoi Tiki Tahiti Sandalwood Coconut Oil    
Rating:  5 out of 5 points
Where to Buy:  Online stores                                                                    
Type:  Massage Oil, Apr├Ęs shower moisturizer
Use:  Day off from work fragrance or layering over other scents
Fragrance Notes:  Gardenia (tiare'), coconut and sandalwood.
Price:  About $12.00 for 4 oz.
Impressions:  This scented coconut oil has a refreshing shower-fresh fragrance because the sandalwood essential oil keeps the gardenia note in check.  The oil has a mild soap-like scent fragrance that's almost addictive.

It’s great for an occasional change of pace from the intoxicating floral versions of Monoi Tahitian oils.

The unisex sandalwood note is pleasant and peppy not pungent. The fragrance reminds me of the scented air that drifts from my handheld sandalwood fan on hot days.

I use Monoi Tiki Tahiti Sandalwood and the floral scented oil versions in 2 ways:
  • Full-strength as a massage oil, or
  • As a Spot-treatment for layering over body creams.
Either way, Monoi Tiki Tahiti Sandalwood is gently compelling.

This coconut oil bath product seals-in moisture, especially on knees, elbows or feet.  Also, when you buy authentic Tahitian Monoi oil, you support Tahiti's coconut agriculture and fragrance manufacturing industry.

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