Thursday, October 31, 2013

Coconut Oil Makes Your Hair Worse...Really?!!!

Mommy and baby with lush hair
More time to play instead of fretting about hair

I started to post over 500 words on hair care today because some women have complained online that coconut oil makes their hair’s condition worse. Come on!  Both You and I got better things to read and write about.

Just Remember, three-quarters of the world’s women use coconut oil in their hair care routines.  There is no reason why you can’t get the same long, lovely, lush, soft and touchable hair.

Quick Tips for Using Coconut Oil on Your Hair

Here is the short version of my origin treatise, if you are not getting the hair results you desire from using coconut oil. Look, see if you need to change how you are actually using coconut oil on your hair.

  • Only use Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (EVOC) manufactured by a reliable company.

  • Use Coconut Oil sparingly…don’t use globs…too much is not a good thing and it’s a waste.  You will never need more than 1/2 teaspoon of EVOC for medium length hair.
  • Rarely use traditional shampoos , if at all, to cleanse hair.

  • Avoid all petroleum and silicones products and their derivatives, they are not compatible with human hair and scalps and create the very dryness they were purported to remedy. Don’t use Coconut Oil hair products that have petroleum on the ingredients list.

  • Upgrade your blow dryer and other styling tools to ionic technology…this produces a dramatic improvement in hair softness and manageability.

I was one of those women that stylists always said 'you have to relax your hair - it's so coarse'.  My regrowth  was like a brillo pad.

Well, I'm going afro now and thanks to coconut oil, I won't be going back to relaxers. My hair is not straighter, just softer and easier to comb.
I’ll say it again: three-quarters of the world’s women use coconut or other palm oils in their hair care rituals. They have done so in many, many cultures - for hundreds of years in Africa, Asia, Pacifica, the Middle East, South America and the Caribbean.


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