Thursday, October 17, 2013

Use Coconut Oil For Sweater Weather Skincare

Coconut oil keeps skin moisturized in dry indoor air
Use Coconut Oil Skincare To Fight Dry Indoor Air

I’ve powered-on the furnace because it’s October, there’s a north wind a blowin’ off Lake Michigan in Chicago, frost advisories in nearby counties and the living room is just too darn chilly. All this also means that I got to now start using a bit more coconut oil apr├Ęs showering to keep winter dry skin at bay.
 Then I'm ready for 'sweater weather.'

Best Amounts of Coconut Oil for Skincare

Coconut Oil Skincare Protects From Chilly Winds
Lakefront Chicago's  Aon Tower in Autumn
There’s  simply no better product to stop itchy, flaky dry skin from occurring than coconut oil.

I simply massage in a teaspoon or two all over my body, with or without my favorite skin cream.  I also add  exactly 1 drop to my daytime face cream.

Best Oil  for Dry Skin

Forced  dry air from the furnace, icy winds, scratchy woolens and drafty rooms all cause the problem of severely dry and irritated skin in fall and winter.   

Coconut Oil heals itchy skin caused by woolens
Coconut Oil can soothe itchy skin caused by scratchy woolens

Solution: Use extra virgin, organic coconut oil in your skincare rituals during fall and winter.

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