Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thai Food Recipe Ingredients: DA LIST

plate of Pad Thai with shrimp
Run Out and Get Some Pad Thai...Now!

Do you love  tasty Thai food sooo… much that you tried to cook it at home?  But after all that cooking, you were left pondering ‘What’s missing from MY Pad Thai?”  I know I have!  

Thai Recipe Ingredients List

Well here’s an online link to the most comprehensive and straightforward list of Thai food recipe ingredients that I’ve ever seen:  Thai Food

Thai Tum Yum Soup
Hot Peppery Tum Yum Soup

Where to Find Thai Food Ingredients

Most of the essential Thai recipes ingredients like Galangal ginger and Thai Bird Eye Chilies can be found at organic grocery stores. Some ingredients like canned coconut milk and lemongrass stalks are available at most big grocery stores.  
You might have to order other critical ingredients like Kaffir lime leaves from an online Thai grocery website.

Kaffire lime leaves and fruit
Kaffir lime fruit and leaves


And, nooo… I haven’t bought any of those $60 Thai food recipe books…. Yet.


Learn About and Experience Thai Culture

Years ago I was lucky enough to work for a Thai couple.  Our office pot luck lunches and parties always featured sumptuous tasting Thai dishes. 
Thai carved food flowers
Flowers carved out of food - A Thai cultural specialty
So your best bet to learn authentic Thai cooking might be to make some Thai friends.

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