Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Getaway Plans With Palm Print Resort Wear

Green palm print skirt
Mychael was the winning designer on the ‘Creepy-Crawlers’ episode of Project Runway: All Stars.  And, he gave me the inspiration to go somewhere warm on the globe this winter. How?!  Well, early in the episode, Mychael wore a palm print shirt.

 I got an immediate flash:  ‘That’s it!!! I’ll go shopping for resort wear!’

Palm print Hawaiian shirt
Hawaiian shirt with a palm print
Yelp!  I’m going shopping for resort wear especially a dress, shirt or bikini with a palm print.

Once I buy the resort looks, I really have to go on the winter vacation... Right?!

Usually, shopping for a vacation never fails to get me into the mood of actually booking the trip.

Sad, ain't it?!

Winter's  Sooo...  Sad in Chicago

 Most years, I escape winter’s lockdown by driving through icy streets and trudging through several inches of snow to get to Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory.  It's a botanical house in a city park.

Garfield Park Conservatory

This is where I usually go to actually see, touch and feel Cocos nucifera  the  coconut palm tree.   Sad, ain’t it. 

But not this year!  I'll be walking in  my palm print sarong on warm sands somewhere far away.

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