Thursday, November 7, 2013

How To Hydrate Skin In Winter… Inside-Out

Winter white hat and scarf
"Baby, it's cold outside.... Are you sweating too?"

By increasing your daily gulps of coconut water, you can reduce the chances of getting dried-out skin and dehydration in fall and winter.  Coconut water is not just for hot summer days.
Drinking even more coconut water in winter is a skin care secret for great looking skin all year around.

 Dehydrating Winter Conditions

  • Increased sweating while wearing extra clothing like sweaters and coats,

  • Irritating low humidity in fall and winter that's a major cause of winter skin itching,

  • Indoor forced air heating that literally bakes skin.

  • Icy winds that swipe moisture from  hands and face.  

Red chunky knit hat and scarf for winter
Bundled-up like a baby

A massage with coconut oil goes a long way towards keeping my skin supple and moisturized in winter.
But I swig more coconut water, however, to insure that my  skin and the rest of my body never suffer from dehydration, even when it’s cold outside.

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