Monday, March 11, 2013

Use Coconut And Technology For Spring Cleaning

Dirty bathroom sink
This Sink is overdue for cleaning and disinfection

Trash some of the harsh, scary-smelling chemicals in your cabinet and start Spring Cleaning with coconut. Here are some ways to use coconut products for house cleaning that's done right.

  1. Coconut oil based liquid castile soap for general cleaning and degreasing
  2. Coconut and banana oil jewelry cleaner for removing adhesives (test first)
  3. Plain coconut oil for shining metal appliances and art d’ objects (test first)
  4. Coconut coir cleaning brushes
  5. Coconut coir doormat to keep outdoor soil from entering your home

After having my lungs seared by a mold remover I bought from a big box store, I started rethinking the whole harsh chemical approach. I reduced my harsh cleaner use to small, meager amounts of ammonia, bleach, pine and “easy” green.


For most cleaning purposes, I use liquid castile soap formulated with a fragrant medicinal essential oil that antimicrobial.  It cleans very effectively and degreases in a flash. What’s more is that I can use the soap by the drop- it’s that economical!


Redesigned floor mop
Redesigned floor mop

But to truly clean AND disinfect, I follow-up with a non-chemical technology to control the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew, like one of the following types of equipment:

  1. UVA light scanner
  2. Steam Cleaner
  3. Ion generator
  4. New designs of mops, brooms and sponges
Cleaning and disinfecting larger areas with technology is the biggest timesaver of all and very economical. Cleaning products made with coconut really work, save time, reduce waste and aren’t harmful to me or the environment.

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