Thursday, March 7, 2013

Party Smart On Spring Break, Drink Coconut Water

Backlight Beach Seen
Party at the beach until dawn with coconut water instead!

Don’t wait to happen upon a street vendor selling coconut water while cruising... I mean, strolling during Spring Break. It's almost like coconut water was made for Spring Break but BYOB to drink while partying under strenuous and exhausting conditions, like:
  • Playing volleyball on hot sand,
  • Lolling on the beach under a hot sun,
  • On the street buffeted by a sea of college students,
  • At concerts,
  • Sightseeing.
You can avoid fatigue by staying hydrated with coconut water, instead of marinated with alcoholic drinks.
Drink coconut water on Spring Break to stay fresh and energetic while you party hearty because: Fresh and energetic is really sexy on the beach. (Safety 1st, Stay Safe, Stay Alive!)

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