Monday, March 4, 2013

Estee Lauder SENSUOUS Satin Body Lotion Review – Smoldering Oud Drama

Smoldering wood chips
Oud is a fragrance note from agarwood
 Fragrance Reviewed: Estee Lauder SENSUOUS Satin Body Lotion
Rating:  4 out of 5 points
Where to Buy:  Fine Department Stores or online at                 
Type:  Body Lotion
Use:  Evening
Fragrance Notes:  Oud, woody
Price:  $45.00 for 6.7 oz.
Impressions:  The oud note is front and center in this lotion. Estee Lauder got it right, the Vietnamese oud note is masterfully blended for a smoldering incense-like experience. The lotion uses coconut oil, jojoba seed oil and dimethicone for moisturizers.
The woody note is much more pronounced in the lotion than in the perfume. Oud, AKA agarwood, is much beloved in Middle Eastern and Far East countries. All of oud’s intoxicating intensity is present in Sensuous Satin Body Lotion and is not muted by floral or musky notes.
The oud note in the perfume rollerball is no where near as heady as the body lotion.

While the perfume is suitable for day, the body lotion is a different story.  The lotion is definitely for evening wear.  Beware:  other people may just not ‘get’ the aroma of oud.
The coconut oil and jojoba oil make this lotion easy to apply.  The lotion is very long lasting and effective for moderately dry skin.
If you have been seeking the oud fragrance note in a Western fragrance product, you don’t have to look any further than Estee Lauder SENSUOUS Satin Body Lotion. The coconut oil makes the lotion a winner for perfumed skin care.

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