Monday, January 14, 2013


Snowshoeing in the city
Cool and cold Snowshoeing in the city

Breaking News…There’s been virtually no snow in Chicago this winter.  I’m OK with the “no snow” days but I did want to get back into the one winter sport I frolic around doing: Snowshoeing.
Yeah, I did that!
In the middle of the city during last years’ Groundhog's Day blizzard, I just hopped around in front of the house and up the street.  It was a true vigorous work-out and I chugged coconut water afterwards to recover from the exercise.

The snowshoes cost me less than $40. I wore my lightweight snow shoveling clothes and watched a few You Tube videos to learn snowshoeing techniques and I was set to go. 

Snowshoeing is cheap, fun and easy to get started, but don't let that fool you.  My feet and body got a hard work-out, especially my sprain ankle which was on the mend.

According to Russell Lord, in his book Forest Outings, snowshoeing originated in the mountains of central Asia and  Native Americans were the first to make  snowshoes from "rackets or webs" to traverse snowy terrain.

 But now, It’s mid January in Chicago and we haven't seen a full day of blanketing snow for months. 

This year, I have been sooo... looking forward to joining some of Chicago Park District’s organized snowshoeing events on the beaches of Lake Michigan.  But, alas, no snow, no go!

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