Monday, January 28, 2013


Football brownies shaped brownies
Easy football shaped brownies with coconut icing for Game Day

Here are some great new taste sensations to whip-up with coconut in your Super Bowl party snack plan:
  • Have chilled flavored coconut water ready along with soda pop and alcoholic beverages for a healthy alternative.  Pineapple and mango flavored coconut water seem to be universal favorites.
  • Mix coconut flakes into homemade sweet treats like brownies and cookies. Be sure to add your favorite flavorings and spices like vanilla, cinnamon or nutmeg.
  • Pop popcorn kernels in coconut oil for a healthy change from bland corn oil.
  • Make popcorn topping with half melted butter and half coconut oil for movie theater flavor.
  • Brush the bottom of a frozen pizza with coconut oil for a softer, chewier crust.
  • Serve up a pitcher of Sangria blended with coconut water, juice and fruit chunks. Always add one or 2 slices of lime for refreshing flavor.
The football fans at your Super Bowl party will love coconut’s aroma and flavor in your party dishes.

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