Sunday, January 27, 2013


Photo of Anne Frank on a Netherlands stamp
Anne Frank - She was a actual girl
 The United Nations has designated today January 27, 2013  INTERNATIONAL HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY. 

I recall the horror of getting to the end of THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK  and discovering that she did not survive World War II. I recall the horror of viewing Josef Nassy's drawings of a WWII Nazi prison camp. The drawings were probably the first alarm that the Nazis were committing war crimes.  I recall the horror of seeing tatooed numbers on the arm of an elderly doctor.  I recall   the sound of a bank's wire transfer machine printing out  funds transmittals for survivors of the Holocaust.

As for all that other unspeakable evil out there, your day is coming and I will write about those horrors too.

Keep your life "real"  and always make a mental note of evil.  Never forget what you witnessed.

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