Thursday, January 3, 2013


No. 1 Are these dry oil mist ingredients healthy?

No. 2 Do these dry oil mist ingredients work?

I went Christmas shopping at the mall and got stupid. I purchased both of the above bottles of dry oil mists on the same day at the fragrance counter.


 I only glanced at the back of number 1’s tester bottle and got extremely curious, wondering ‘what could that be?!’ I asked the sales lady about it and she explained, in so many words, ‘it’s the French iconic brand’s dry oil mist.’ 

I asked to try it, so she spritzed the back of my hand.  It imparted a light, non-greasy and clear moisture shield on my hand with a softer scent version of the ‘top French’ perfume brand. 
 So I bought it.  I got it for a nice price, too, about $50.


I only saw the names  of my favorite essential oil notes on the front of number 2, above and decided to buy it.  I already use the product in a different fragrance because it’s made with a coconut derivative so I wanted to try out the new scent.  It was heavenly.
So I bought it.  Price: $30.


When I got home and looked at the ingredients on number 1’s box, I was horrified to see a list of stuff, very powerful chemicals that I would never, ever apply all over my body. 

Then I looked at number’s 2 ingredient list and I was shocked at what I didn’t see:  There were no essential oils in the formula only parfum. So while that product is a superior moisturizer, I won’t get any aromatherapy benefit from using it.
How could I have been so stupid? I always read ingredient lists when I shop online for beauty products.   Did I fall into the midst of a zombie stupor while Christmas shopping at the mall? 


The moral is this story is:  Stop falling for the hype of the brand name, packaging and marketing blah, blah.  Always read the ingredients list and then make the buying decision. Yeah, that’s what I telling myself, now that’s I’ve spent $80.

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