Thursday, November 1, 2012



Just because it’s windy and cold outside doesn’t mean that I have to put up with burning or chapped lips.  When I don’t use plain coconut oil, I use a pretty lip gloss. One lip gloss I recently purchased irritated my lips badly.
It was the perfect shade of lip gloss.  I had been searching a long time for that shade.  I paid $34 and I bought 2.  My lips started burning an hour after I applied the gloss.  I will return the unused tube.
I put the opened tube in the back of a drawer and went back to my stash of the protective lip glosses I use in fall and winter.
Here are 5 lip glosses and moisturizers that I found won’t irritate my lips with stinging ingredients or strong scents. None need numerous reapplications.
  1. Burt’s Bee Tinted Lip Balm
  2. REVLON Super Lustrous Lip Gloss
  3. NIVEA A Kiss of Moisture SPF 4
  4. MARY KAY NouriShine Plus
  5. TROPICAL TRADITIONS lip moisturizer, coconut oil, unscented, no color

Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time.

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