Thursday, October 4, 2012


Got BO but you're NOT SWEATING and you're FULLY-CLOTHED?

A stinky smell may be coming from your body, but it may not be your body odor.  New clothes and household fabric items, like sheets, can sometimes emit a smelly odor even before you wear them or sleep on them.
The fabrics’ foul odor is unnatural but animal-like at the same time. The smell is almost like human feces but not exactly.
Once, after I washed and dried a cotton skirt, I noticed a faint foul smell. The odor became much stronger after I pressed it with a hot iron, but just for a moment until the heat cooled-off.
I threw the skirt away because I figured that my body heat would also activate the bad smell. I thought that I just made an unlucky purchase. But later, I noticed the same odor on another garment purchased from a different store.
I did a search on the internet and discovered that other people had also noticed very bad smells on new clothes. One writer commented that an entire clothing store reeked of a foul odor.
Frankly, I don’t care about the theories on the smell’s origins. Bad odors are just unacceptable. 
As a result, I buy organic clothing and fabric items with certified dyes when I can. I frequently test for a foul odor on new purchases with a hot iron.
 I immediately return garments that stink.
Transforming your lifestyle means being vigilant about the fragrances you bring into your home. The distinctive natural fragrances of coconut, leather, silk, or woolens like cashmere can be as pleasing as a well-blended perfume.
Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

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