Thursday, October 25, 2012


Ever feel nearly tipsy at an office meeting from the effects of a morning spritz of alcohol-based fragrance? 

Water-based fragrances don’t have the mind-numbing effects of the strong alcohol in some EDT perfume brands and are kinder to delicate skin.

Maybe you just can’t handle heavy perfumes anymore.

Water-based perfumes are an option.

3 water-based fragrances to consider--

NAUTICA OCEANS by Nautica is marketed for men as a sea-smelling fragrance. Actually, it’s has a unisex aroma of subtle white musk, greens and light florals.  The scent is very pleasant, perfect for daytime use. The American-made blend uses French perfumer Coty’s “long-lasting biodegradable water-based formula.”
The fragrance seems to last about 4 hours.
Oceans is discontinued but the Eau de Toilette Spray 1.7 oz., is still available online, deeply discounted.
Pink Sugar, Roll-on Shimmering Perfume by Aquolina is a youthful, candy-like fragrance that’s ultra-feminine with soap notes.  The aroma is intensive, clean-smelling and leaves my skin pretty with a shimmery glow.
Water is the first ingredient on the label which includes a tremendous number of ingredients. The Italian-made fragrance lasts about 3 hours. 
The roll-on, 1.69 oz. is available in stores and online for approximately $29.00.
caribbean therapy FLOWER WATER by AVEDA is marketed as a citrus-based fragrance with neroli, mandarin and orange that’s supposed to be “uplifting”. It’s refreshing as a mid-day spritz on arms, legs or the back of the neck. The product is very cooling.
Water is the first ingredient on the label.
Actually I had trouble smelling anything at first but I then I experienced a light, stimulating citrusy note after a few moments. This product is weakly scented and might disappoint orange scent lovers. It won’t compete with other fragrances you might be wearing.
All Aveda fragrances tend to be on the very light, feminine side.  Interestingly, their hair products tend to smell extremely strong, persistent and somewhat masculine.
The 6.7 oz. spray sells for $21 and is available at Aveda stores and salon counters.


I actively search for water-based scents. Crow and CB I Hate Perfume are 2 brands that I plan to try-out soon.

Perfumed bath powders and lotions are also excellent alternatives to alcohol-blended fragrance formulas. Perfumed oils are the best choice for longer-lasting staying power.


 For fragrances that have a heavy alcohol presence, I protect my skin from the alcohol’s drying effects with a dab or two of coconut oil and a spritz of soft spring water.  I do this with all alcohol-based fragrances, especially EDT perfume spray versions. 

Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

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