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Thai women, like women from Brazil, various Caribbean islands and other tropical locales around the globe, use limes for hair care and skin care.
Many years ago I had a dream boss from Thailand.  Mrs. K. stayed on top of the office operations as well as keeping her jet black hair, porcelain skin and Chanel red lipstick all looking immaculate.


I remembered Mrs. K when I started reading  a very inspirational beauty blog from Thailand.
 A recent blog post included  skin care beauty tips and secrets, written by Charlie Lee, using juice from the unusual Kaffir Lime (c. hystrix) a lime species that’s native to Thailand and Southeast Asia. Here is a link to the article with the lime beauty tips:  Global Beauty: Thailand, Kaffir Lime .
 I truly enjoy reading about Thai beauty style but remember this:
important safety tip - Stay out of the sun for 1 day after using lime juice on your skin or hair to avoid a severe photosensitive reaction including burns or hyperpigmentation, technically phytophotodermatitis as documented by the National Institutes of Health.


Thai cooks use the tree leaf and zest of the Kaffir Lime in Thai cuisine:  It’s the leaves and zest that actually give Thai food that yummy distinctive savory flavor, especially dishes that use coconut oil.
Don’t worry if you can’t find Kaffir leaves and limes at your local organic grocery store, they are readily available from many online sellers.  Just remember kaffir limes, as Lee writes, look bumpy and not exactly like the smooth-skinned limes ordinarily available in the American stores.
Here’s a deep-cleaning scalp treatment that I have used to eliminate winter scalp itch, cool-off a very oily scalp in summer and to remove scalp crusts.


1 Tablespoon virgin organic coconut oil
2 drops (Max) Kaffir lime juice
Mix the drops of lime juice with the coconut oil.  Massage the mixture into your scalp for 2 minutes then shampoo and condition.
Note:  This coconut and lime cleanser is very astringent so I only use it once every 3 months or so.


Coconut and lime is a beauty connection between women living in tropical latitudes around the globe.

Have you ever gone on a spa vacation in Thailand or  on a  tropical island?


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