Thursday, June 21, 2012


Coconut water benefits muscles you can see and the muscles you can’t see during a summer heat wave.
 The naturally occurring electrolytes and  minerals in coconut water assist the function of muscles you can see and the muscles you can't see like those in your intestines.


Despite the 94 degree heat in Chicago, I finished off some leftover barbeque from yesterday and then fed a burning desire for a $1.00 burger.
Now I can barely hold my head up, I can’t seem to update my “TO DO” list and I don’t want to move out of my chair.
Even though it’s hot outside, our newly charged air conditioning system seems to be draining me even more.
 It occurred to me that this was perfect timing for a very large shot of coconut water with enough fluids for my digestion system to work properly.


I hunted around in my kitchen cabinet.  Horror of horrors, the first container I pulled-out was the coconut water brand that has added sugar.  Well after the can of cola I had this afternoon with the burger, added sugar is the last thing I need to drink to fight the effects of the heat and heavy meals. 
Don’t get me wrong, a little sugared coconut water really makes me feel better in the winter when I’m down with a cold.
Unsweetened, unflavored coconut water just perks me up better when the summer heat has me down.
I found the containers of plain coconut water on the side of the cabinet.
Remember to gulp a shot of coconut water throughout an especially hot summer day to avoid dehydration.

Pat Thomas for COCO MOJO until next week…

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