Thursday, March 6, 2014

Make Your Afternoon Tea More Robust With Coconut

Japanese woman in kimono drinking Matcha tea
Enjoying Matcha Green Tea

In previous posts, I've discussed how coconut sugar adds a delightful new taste sensation to strong teas like ginger  and mint.   I've recently discovered that spicy flavored coconut sugar also enlivens bland tasting green tea.

It's also great with regular ole' Lipton's black tea.  There's no other beverage that recharges me like Lipton's Tea during late afternoons.

 I drink a couple of other specialty teas like red Hibiscus during winter to reduce symptoms of  colds and flu and spearmint  during summer to cool off.

I started drinking green tea after reading about its health benefits several years ago.   Then I learned about a supercharged antioxidant powdered version of green tea, Matcha or Maccha,  that is actually eaten during the Japanese Tea Ceremony. 

 Yes, the tea is eaten and I was curious.   As I recall, Matcha had a peculiar taste that probably could have used some coconut sugar in the cup.

But eventually, I returned to Lipton's Tea that I spike with coconut sugar for a  cup of  spicy afternoon delight.

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