Monday, January 6, 2014

Where To Buy Real Coconut Oil For Wolfin

Hair waves  you create  by brushing or Wolfin are a natural style that’s maintained WITHOUT relaxer chemicals.   So make pure Coconut oil a part of your natural hair care steps.


Places To Buy Coco Oil For Your Hair

You can find 100% Extra Virgin Organic (EVO) pure Coconut Oil without petroleum at the following outlets:
  • Direct from coconut oil manufacturers' secured websites.

  • Online stores – keywords “Pure or EVO Coconut Oil”

  • Health food stores

  • Major grocers like Walmart or Whole Foods in the cooking oil section. (Pure 100% EVO coconut oil is usually NOT SOLD in the hair care section.)

How To Store Pure Coconut Oil

  • Place on the bathroom countertop or in the room where you style your hair.

  • Do not store in a room where the temperature is less than 72 degrees

  • Do not refrigerate

Surfer girl and Coconut Palms
Ready for surfin!

Wolfin Procedure With Coconut Oil

Use a small spoon to retrieve the coconut oil so you won’t contaminate the container with your fingers.

Use  just a few drops of coconut oil before Wolfin or brushing your hair. Massage into your hands, apply to your hair, and then get to brushing, brushing and brushing your hair. Do not over-apply!


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